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YC Hertfordshire Listings is here to help young people and their parents and guardians find places within the Hertfordshire region to go and be active. Tell us where you are or what you are looking for, and we’ll point you to some places nearby.

Getting started

All you need to do to get started is to put a place or postcode into the WHERE search box on the home page and then select GO. You can use a postcode, the town name, or a full address, and we’ll show you a list of all the places we know about in Hertfordshire near you where you can go and take part in some sort of youth opportunity. The resulting list is in order of distance, from closest to furthest, and to start with, will include everything.

Figure 1: Entering a placename search terms in YC Hertfordshire Listings

Figure 1: Entering a placename search terms in YC Hertfordshire Listings

Search results

Your search results will be displayed as below:

Figure 2: Search results for Stevanage

Figure 2: Search results for “Stevenage”

Click through on the name of an Opportunity that looks promising, and we'll tell you what we know about it: which activities take place there, and how to contact people who can tell you more about it.

For instance, in the example above the description of National Citizen Service appears as follows:

Figure 3: Details page for National Citizen Service

Figure 3: Details page for "National Citizen Service"

Looking for something specific?

Equally, you could enter a term in the WHAT search box (e.g. Music) and then select GO to find opportunities. This type of search will find music related Opportunities across Hertfordshire.

Figure 4: A search on the term “Music”

Figure 4: A search on the term “Music”

Seeing things on the map

You can also click through to the map view from the tab in the grey taskbar under the Search boxes.

You also select to view an individual Opportunity by slecting View on map … in both the Summary Results and on the Opportunity's details page.

Figure 5: A mapped view of Opportunities

Figure 5: A mapped view of Opportunities

Clicking on an icon on the map will pop up some link information about the Opportunity, and lead you to more detail if you click on the more information link in the pop up. You can zoom in and out of the map for a closer or further view using the slider on the left. To move around the map, use the arrows, or click on the map and pull the map in the direction you want to go while holding down the mouse button. (This might not work if you are using an older browser, but the arrows will.)


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